After graduating from fashion school and passing

her master'sexamination, Ulrike Kogelmullerspent a

few years working asadirectorin the textile industry

as well as a retail marketing manager and brought

out the first ulliKo-Kollektion in 2005. Clear lines,

geometrical patterns and the colours red, black and

white have since come to characterise the unmis-

takable style of her fashion as well as of her small

shop.Kogelmullerdesigns twowomen’s collections

as well as discount nike shoes each year. Production takes

place exclusively in Vienna.

The creations by Eva Poleschinski are impressive

thanks to their extravagant style. Formal styles mix

with flowing, natural elements, clear lines with del-

icate femininity. The designer covers every element

in the fashion spectrum with her cheap nike shoes lines;

from everyday wear all the way to attire for special

occasions. "TO GO" is a collection revolving around

an extremely versatile piece of cheap nike shoes, which can

be worn as a skirt but also a shirt, dress or cape and

is available in many different patterns and colours.

The EP Anoui collection comprises outfits for grand

appearances at balls, parties and red carpet events.

Thedresses stand out thanks to their simple designs

and delicate fabrics such as velvet, lace, brocade and

leatheras well as elaborate embroidery and decora-

tions using pearls and crystals. The custom-made

bride’s dresses from the Bridal + Eve range is just as

exquisite and extraordinary. All the pieces are created

in the workshop, which adjoins the showroom and

boutique. Please call for an appointment.

Since 1997, ZOE by Inge Cecka represents feminine,

figure-hugging designs, high-quality textiles and

excellent workmanship. This label brings out new

collections as well as selected discount nike shoes, such as

pieces of jewellery and Cheap Nike Air Force twice a year.


All the designs are limited in order to ensure exclusivity.

A further focus for this designer is custom-made

couture evening and bridal gowns. Cecka’s special

style and her love for detail are also reflected in her

boutique, which she runs along with her workshop

in Baden. The salon is just over sosgm large and

is completely in white, furnished with furniture

designed by Cecka. The atmosphere here is elegant

and really allows the creations to look their finest.


Weidengasse 38,2500 Baden, Tel.: 0676 - 366 55 44

This designer originally comes from Bulgaria and

studied landscape architecture at a HTL school,

yet even back then, this free stylist was designing

sophisticated leather discount nike shoes and dresses. The

logical outcome was, of course, the founding of his

own fashion label in 1992. In 1994, he brought out

his first collection and dedicated himself completely

to fashion following the completion of his degree.

This turned out to be the right choice, as his many

awards prove. He has won the 2003/2004 Vienna

couture prize, the 2005/2006 haute couture prize

and the 2006 Jones haute couture prize. Georgiev's

favourite fabrics, unlike that of his early years, is silk

and chiffon as well as fine wools, from which he

makes his exquisite ready-to-wear and haute couture

creations. Georgiev's workshop is all in white and

has large mirrored walls and is a showroom as well

as a salesroom. Visits are arranged by appointment.



Fashion has been her main passion since her child-

hood and working inthe fashion industry is precisely

what this Paris-educated fashion designer dreamed

of as a child. Today, Aniko Balazs designs her collec-

tions in her workshop located in the city of Vienna.

They represent individuality, perfectionism and

sophisticated designs. This designer also refuses

to compromise on textiles and creates the fabrics

and designs and has them made for her in Italy

and France according to her special instructions. It

is important to Balazs that her pieces not only look

good but that they also have extraordinary functional

qualities.Many of the ball and evening gowns have

these extraordinary qualities. The basic designs have

exchangeable details, which make them easy to

modify. Another creative priority for this designer

is traditional costume. She reinterprets this genre

away from the traditional Alpine variant and more

towards the extravagant, cool and rock chic style by

using unconventional fabrics, such as tulle, leather

and camouflage as well as unusual details like shiny

skulls and lilies. Balazs also dedicates herself to

up-cycling.Pieces of ageing cheap nike shoes, such as blouses,

skirts,evening gowns and jeans can undergo a skilled

style-up programme and come out looking like new

or even better than before.


This China designer was born in Istanbul and

brought out his new collection for the first time in

1991,since then he has presented his fashion at the

Parisand china wholesale online.


Kutoglu's designs stand out thanks to their Ottoman richness in shape

and colourin combination with western design as well

as flattering cuts. Thisdesigner likes purism, however,

for his showroom, his current ready-to-wear collec-

tion aswell as his semi-couture designs. The simple

colour white dominates everything from ceiling to

flooring inthe 200sgm large rooms, this is broken up

by gold- coated lampshades, lightly coloured ceiling

panellingand afew pieces of grey and cream-coloured

furniture.Nothing here is supposed to distract from

the main attraction, namely the fashion. Originally

conceived as a pop-up store, the shop will remain in

place atleast until late 2018 due to Kutoglu’s success.

Here, both hismen’sand women’s collections as well

as his bags and discount nike shoes are available.


Zedlitzgasse 11

+4319204 09 bzw +43 650 710 77 71

The designerduo and married couple, Bilyana Pelova

and Petar Pelov have made a name for themselves

with their extraordinary couture creations as well

astheirlimited editions. Exclusive fabrics, innovative

designs, special details, a creatively rich imagina-

tion and elaborate workmanship are typical of

Bipone fashion.Both designers focus on bigevening

gowns and imaginative bride's dresses. All pieces

are produced completely according to sustainable

and environment-conscious principles directly in

their workshop in Vienna, which forms a unit with

the salesroom. Large rooms with high ceilings, a

white ceiling and colourful walls, an antique oven,

opulently playful furnishings, luxurious curtains

and skilfully placed decorative objects create an

equally elegant and comfortable salon atmosphere.

Allin all, this is a place where fashion lovers love to

spend more time.

Since 2016, Angela Thiel and Renate Wohlfart have

been designing underwear for men, women and

children thatis extraordinary fortwo reasons. Firstly,

because the slips, shirts, camisoles and bibs are

made from eco cotton in European, GOTS certified

businesses. And secondly, due to their design. The

map-style prints are inspired by tourism regions in

the Alps and play with double-entendres. Maps of

the Grolsglockneror Wilder Kaiser mountains adorn

boxer shorts, the Vienna Woods women's briefs and

Nassfeld or GroRer Loffler (a summit in the Zillertal

Alps) the bibs. Everything is available at the online

store, at and at as well

as numerous China boutiques and wholesale shops.